Wiki Disclaimer

This is a space in which to draft a disclaimer that takes into account the stuff that might happen in/to/with a wiki. Here's a podcast that did a pretty good job of dealing with the issue. Go for it -- contribute to the disclaimer.

From the guy:) who asked the question. Here is what I have done so far with the disclaimer that I have been working on.

This wiki (I will add the link when it goes live) is designed to be a resource for teachers in New York State. The information here has been created by educators and others. Since there is some general guidelines (this would end up as a link to guideline for posts to keep some consistency) for being able to add to this wiki we hope that the information here is relevant to what you are trying to do. We do not take any blame for the installation errors or changing of setting that you may do to your computer. If you don't feel comfortable enough to try some of these things on your own and you are part of a New York State school district you should contact your local technology services to see if there is someone that will help you with you questions and concerns.

Additional Information: If any innapropriate content is found on this wiki it will be removed and the IP address will be disabled from posting.(I wonder if this is possible??) Tadge -- this is possible. I used an IP block to address spam before I turned on the required login before posting. -- Bud