Telling Stories with Technology

Sound Beds -- a collection of audio resources. All links below are to Creative Commons licensed tracks that can be used in your own work, provided you license it properly and give credit to the authors. All of these tracks are from ccMixter.

Peppy, Upbeat

  1. Pentatonicing by Pitx.
  2. Blue Moon by Pitx. Peppy, drums and electric guitar. Driving.


  1. Blue Dream by Pitx. Chimy, gentle reminds me of a musicbox.
  2. Piano Intro by gadziller. It's a slow piano intro. Good for inspirational endings, etc.
  3. Gymnosphere by duckett. Mellow, gentle piano leads into a slow drive with drums and continuing piano. Great for credits or during a reflection or something sad but uplifting, perhaps. Drums come in a minute and a half or so into the piece. Little bit of hip hop feel as it continues.

Drums and Beats

  1. Untitled 3 by Teru. Beaty -- might need to clip the beginning -- a word or two right at the start.
  2. Shhhhhh by ashwan Groovy beats. Sounds a little funky. Skip the talking at the beginning and you've got a good groove track.


  1. Talk To Me (AUPHEUS Remix) by AUPHEUS82. Sinister. Low and driving. Evil and not so nice. LaTonya -- this might be the track for you.

Stuff I like but haven't classified or cited yet:

Credits for the S is for Sunshine video.