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This letter was actually a layout of a database, so the page layout was better. We printed a page for each student with their personal details. We were using Blogger to host our blogs, so some of these comments are specific that that site's specifications.

Child's Name Blogging Details Letter

Here are a few details to help you access your blog from home.

Anyone can view your blog online by entering the following URL into their web browser.

child's blog's URL

Working from Home

If you work on your blog from home, you will find that certain web browsers work better than others. In class we will be using Firefox which is a free, well-designed browser that works on Windows and Mac. You can download a copy at If you have a Windows computer, use a current version of one of these browsers:

   * Internet Explorer
   * Netscape
   * Firefox

If you have a Macintosh computer, use a current version of one of these browsers.

   * Netscape
   * Firefox 

If you use Internet Explorer or Safari, you won’t be able to use all the tools in Blogger, such as the spell check, and the font formatting tools, such as colors and bold.

To work from home you need to log in. Go to and enter your user name and password. Remember to keep these private; don’t share them with anyone besides your parents and your teachers.

User Name: Password:

After you log in, you will be taken to your Dashboard, which is the control panel for your blog.

To create a new post, click on the green beneath the words ‘NEW POST”.

To continue working on a post that you have saved as a draft, click on the blue gear wheel beneath the words “CHANGE SETTINGS”. A new window will open. Click on the “Postings” tab. Another window will open. Click on the “Edit Posts” link to get to the post you want to revise.

Remember that a teacher needs to give the final okay before you publish a post. Save your work as a draft until a teacher has approved it.

If your recently published pages aren’t showing up at home, click the refresh button on your web browser. It will probably look something like this. (insert picture of refresh icon)

You may also comment on someone else’s blog from home. Please log in when you do this. Type your commments in a word processor such as Microsoft Word so that you can spell check them. Take time to preview your comments before you publish them. Make sure you fix the spelling and the grammar. Have someone else read your comments before you post them to help you catch errors that you missed. Put a lot of thought into your comments.Give the person feedback on their writing or respond to the topic of their writing. Don't post comments such as " ***U R so cool!***. " Comments like that won't help the writer improve their writing.

Remember, if you receive a comment that makes you feel bad, don’t respond to it; tell your teacher about it. Have fun blogging!

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